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People seldom plan for catastrophes until after they have happened. This recipe should help with that.

Pasta Done Wrong

60 lbs. pasta, whole grain, somewhat bitter
1 egg, unnecessary

Place all ingredients within a treacherous patch of cactus and retrieve again. Place pasta in water, then place both inside a huge saucepan that is also made of pasta. Superheat at 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit and continue cooking until you lose interest. Leave pot, pasta, and water on superstove as you leave and move away to another time zone to live with someone you have never met except on the internet and who turns out to be nothing like what you hoped, and where you don't know anyone else. Refuse to admit you made a mistake until ten months later when you are packing your things and discover the very horrible egg. Regret thoroughly.

Serves six.

on 2010-08-17 06:27 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] sistrml.livejournal.com
I know this! I've done exactly this same thing!

Well, without the pasta.
Or the unnecessary egg.
Or the time zone change.
Um, and we met that once before the move.

But otherwise, all the same! It's like you read my mind, or something. Spooky! ;)

Oh, and what's a noxilail? That's what my Captcha said, "noxilail this".



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