Aug. 2nd, 2010

I got this recipe from a funny little tea shop I like to frequent whenever I get the chance. It's a drive-through tea shop, and it's open 25 hours a day. Unlike most 25 hour-a-day tea shops, they don't use any time travel -- the couple that owns the place says that it spoils the flavor of the tea. Instead, the whole tea shop operates along a low-hanging airship that lazily drifts Westward against the rotation of the Earth to gently steal an extra hour every day. The couple that runs the place says that the primary benefit of tea is not to hurry, and so they like to live their lives with an extra hour every day. They say they spend that hour just sitting on a loveseat together, talking about whatever's on their mind, never worried about secrets, knowing that they have decades more to spend together. That's the sort of love they bring into every cup of tea at that low-drifting tea ship. It can be a little tricky maneuvering your car alongside the drive-through airship, but trust me: it's worth it.

Tea For A Lazy Airship )

Store frozen; keeps for decades. When ready to make tea, steep one teaspoon in a silver tea-ball into two quarts of near-boiling water.




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